"That’s the way this city lives now — one funeral to another, hiding from bombs and collecting the dead."

Sergey Ponomarev, freelance photographer covering Gaza, in an interview with the New York Times. Photographing on the Ground in Gaza.

Read through to see Sergey’s recent photos from Gaza.

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If you mock men for saying “Not all men” when all men are called mass murdering rapists then you’re an asshole

"I’d have thought 50,000 years of existing on the continent would have qualified as settled."
- Nova Peris (Senator for the Northern Territory who is the first Indigenous woman in parliament) when asked for comment on Tony Abbott’s statement on Australia being “unsettled” prior to British invasion.  (via black-australia)
"Mr Abbott will go down as one of the most short-sighted, selfish and small people ever to occupy the office of prime minister."
- Labor Senator Penny Wong, commenting on the repeal of Australia’s carbon pricing. (via laughingatshakespeare)